Building Materials



Paxma provides its services to construction companies, wholesalers and retail chains within the construction segment.

Concerning construction companies, starting with the architectural project and the list of materials needed, Paxma will be responsible for all aspects from understanding the customer requirements to evaluating and selecting suppliers, from negotiating prices to setting the new supply chain.

The services provided to wholesalers and retail chains within the construction segment present a similar process. However, in this case, it is paid special attention to the image and market positioning of the customer’s brand. The product to be developed with the suppliers should meet the conceptual requirements previously established.

Paxma tracks in the global market the best opportunities in order to benefit your company. This is turned into a competitive edge, originality and also greater bargaining power with your local suppliers.

Turn your company into a global company, with the precise and directed assistance of Paxma. Contact Paxma and find out more benefits specific to your field of business.

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