Custom Projects


This service involves the development of items for specific supply or the development of new distribution channels starting by the international manufacturer. The target customers for this kind of service are wholesalers and large retail chains.

Bringing to the market a new product line with your own brand or even bringing to life the project of a new product, with international workforce and expertise, are options made by Paxma both viable and accessible. On this new concept of borderless outsourcing, Paxma helps to bring to Brazil specific items for seasonal or promotional sales, contributing to consolidate expressive results to its customers.

This specialized and goal oriented service seeks original and/or more competitive options of purchasing, helping you to maintain your customers loyal and consolidating a prestigious image to your company.

The special projects include the following steps:

  • Understand the needs and requirements of the customers
  • Help on establishing technical requirements for the needed materials
  • Map the production and distribution chains
  • Guidance in finding viable options that will contribute positively to your building enterprise
  • Select and evaluate suppliers
  • Negotiate with suppliers
  • Form and develop suppliers
  • Production follow-up
  • Management of the broader logistics aspects

Expand your range of products. Offer better options. Paxma’s services will help you find opportunities and establish new market niches. Contact Paxma and ask more details specific to your business.

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